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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ASOS: Up to 70% Off!

ASOS: This site is practically my life-- and when they have a SALE, I'm about ready to die! They have amazing clothes and design in the likes of celebrities! Nicole Richie, Kate Moss, Jessica Alba, even Micha Barton have their styles emulated through ASOS.

These are some of my favourites from the sale:

ASOS Premium Lurex Embroidered Sundress WAS $75.71 NOW $43.26

ASOS Tie Dye Halter Ruffle Dress WAS $60.56 NOW $30.28

Mina Contrast Lace Slip Floral Silk Mix Tea Dress WAS $118.97 NOW $54.08

ASOS Striped Bow Back Dress WAS $64.89 NOW $43.26

Let me know if you get any great deals! And if you're looking for me.. I'm generally a Medium :)

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